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Real Science Programs offers memorable presentations that are exciting, entertaining and pertinent to your curriculum.  These programs are economical and convenient because they are presented at your school.  

Four different animal programs teach students about animal adaptations, life cycles, classification, and ecology using live reptiles, amphibians and arthropods.  "Inside Your Body" teaches students about cells, tissues, organs and organ systems using real body parts.  

Real Science Programs is the work of educator Brad Reynolds, who has a M.S. degree in Biology and 10 years of classroom teaching experience.   It serves Kentucky, southern Indiana,  southern Illinois, and central Tennessee.  

Rave Reviews 

“Excellent use of technology to display the animals. Perfectly aligned with Core Content for CATS.” J.H.– 3rd grade teacher, Daviess County, KY

“The video clips are awesome!” K.B.-4th grade teacher, Hancock County, KY

“The students loved the program! It brings our science lessons to life.” M.C.-5th grade teacher, Lafayette, TN

“Outstanding! We will definitely invite you back.” L.H.-elementary principal, Evansville, IN

“The review of Core Content and critical vocabulary will more than help to jog our students’ memory for the upcoming test.” B.D.-middle school principal, Warren County, KY

“Very interesting and entertaining hands-on approach using a variety of visual aids. I highly recommend this program and presenter.” D.M.-7th grade science teacher , Russellville, KY

“Excellent presentation. Explanations were easy to understand.” S.M.– 4th grade teacher, Jefferson County, KY

“What a great way to teach students about their body! The hands-on approach captivates students and holds their attention.” T.G.– 8th grade science teacher, Russellville, KY

“The animals provide examples that will stay with the students long after they have forgotten what we have read and discussed in class.” S.T.–4th grade teacher, Logan County, KY