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Brad Reynolds has a MS Degree in Biology, 10 years of classroom teaching experience, and 10 years of experience working with Real Science Programs.  As a biology professor at Owensboro Community College, he did community education and community service work teaching elementary and middle school students.  It was this work that inspired the creation of Real Science Programs in the fall of 2002. Real Science Article

Teaching Anatomy and Physiology as a college professor inspired Reynolds to create Inside Your Body.   "I initially developed the program to present at a Science Expo for local middle school students," he said.  "I had a great time with it and so did the kids.  Out of all of the programs there that day, mine stole the show."  Inside Your Body Article   

The programs featuring live animals evolved from a life long interest in nature and wildlife.  "I've kept and studied animals since I was a little boy," Reynolds said.  "Live animals are my favorite teaching tools.  They fascinate students of all ages."  Animal Programs Article

Reynolds lives near Owensboro, Kentucky,  with his wife Susan and three sons.  His children have been a source of inspiration for Real Science Programs.   "All three of my sons are interested in science and I get ideas from them that I use in my programs".

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